Proposal Ideas To Make Her Say Yes!

Weddings, families, love – they all start or lead to decisions. These decisions are huge and should not be taken very lightly by any human being who wants to take them. Before you get a yes from the person you love, you should make sure in yourself that you love them so surely to want to spend your lifetime with them. And when you do, you need to setup a master plan right away on how to get her to say yes to you. Proposals need a lot of creativity but sometimes they should be done in a way that doesn’t require the whole word’s attention. They have to be something different but very special to make her realize and feel her worth and your love.

Proposal Idea #1 Propose to her in front of her family

Women who value their family dearly will surely value you and your future family with her. They are the type that would definitely make a big deal of her parents’ “say” about you and would really admire being asked to marry you in front of your whole family – the most important people in your life. Make sure that before you do this, you already got her parents’ blessings and permission to ask her to marry you. You can’t surprise her parents on that same day as well most especially when you’re not even sure if they would want you to be their in law. Save yourself from some embarrassment and trouble!

My proposal to my wife in front of her whole family

My proposal to my wife in front of her whole family

Proposal Idea #2 Take her somewhere she really wants to go to

If your girl has a dream vacation or dream destination that she thought she never would be able to reach in her life, this would just be the best way to propose to her. Take her to that place with her parents’ permission and knowledge that you are going to propose to her and then ask her to marry you. You don’t have to make it too fancy anymore as she would just be so overwhelmed even with just reaching that place and even more being asked that question she’s probably been waiting for all her life too.

Proposal Idea #3 Ask her on yours or her birthday

If it’s your birthday, don’t let her give you any gift. Let her know that having her around would just make you the happiest person on earth. You can also reason out with wanting to do it a different way where you would be the one to give her a gift on your birthday. You can hide the ring inside the gift and surprise her. If it’s her birthday, it would even be easier. Give her a gift box with the ring in it. Start with a really huge box and let it end up with a small one containing the ring. Make sure everybody knows it except her so that they could make it more exciting and fun for both of you.

Kate Moss leaves her home in bohemian fashion but is she going to

Kate Moss leaves her home in bohemian fashion but is she going to

Truly when asking a person to spend your life with them is something that is heavy and breath-taking. But when you actually do and get a yes from your girl, you would feel like you’re the best man on earth that’s ever lived. All the fears, anxieties, stresses and nervousness would just disappear. It’s one of the most incomparable joys you could ever have in this life.

Most Powerful Foods to Give for Picky Eaters

Kids who are picky eaters may become malnourished if they do not receive the sufficient amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals required to grow healthy. There are different sources of foods that are available around and can contribute a lot in the overall health of your kids. As a responsible parent, you must also be familiar with the most nutritious your kids need.

Sweet potatoes to complete their day

Sweet potatoes are known as a versatile root crop that can be paired with various types of meal. They are loaded with vitamin E, iron, beta carotene, potassium and vitamin BG. Many people love eating sweet potatoes because of their unique taste. You can prepare them in a manner that you like to catch the attention and appetite of your children like you can boil them. You can as well experiment with this food, however, watch with your add-ons. Some mothers fry this with sugar. This is not recommended though because sweet potato is already sweet and oil is not that really good especially if mothers chose the wrong oil type.


Oatmeal has been one of the healthiest foods. However, some children do not actually appreciate them and some parents do not realize the great nutrition it provides. Studies reveal that kids who eat oatmeal can focus and pay more attention in school. Oatmeal is rich in fiber and belongs to the whole grain family. It digests slowly and provides kids with steady energy stream. If you want to make them strong and energetic throughout the day and as they grow, you have to give them the enough amount of oatmeal in each meal.

Feeding Picky Eaters - Oprah.

Feeding Picky Eaters – Oprah.

Fruits Add Colors to Kids Life

Fruits go along with other nutritious foods such as vegetables. There is a wide variety of fruit selection. You need to provide your kids with enough fruits so that they can receive a complete source of vitamins and minerals. Any type of fruit works great for your child. It provides all essential minerals and vitamins including fiber. To get amazing nutritional benefits from them, try to eat different kinds of fruit daily especially every after meal. Some of the best fruits are oranges, melon, kiwifruit and berries.

Still life for kids | Crafts for kids

Still life for kids | Crafts for kids

The foods mentioned above are just some of the most important foods to give to your kids. Make your children appreciate you and enjoy every meal by cooking your own healthy recipe for them. Creating a meal plan makes children get more excited and interested to know what you will serve in the dining table during meal time. Add a touch of creativity in each meal or snack to motivate them to eat nutritious foods. Make use of the internet to gather other ideas and knowledge about these foods for your picky eaters.

5 Tips to Find the Right Financial Advisor

Finding a reliable financial advisor is one thing you should take seriously. You’ll be making a serious decision that will impact your finances and your preparation for retirement. If you need a financial advisor, make sure you don’t delegate the job to someone else. You should be the one to make the decision. You should have the ability to separate the good from the great. Here are 5 tips that can help you pick the right financial advisor:

  1. Be objective when choosing

You’ll initially have a couple of people in mind. Look for weaknesses and take these people off your list. You have to focus on what really matters – a person’s qualifications. Personality may be a factor to consider, but shouldn’t be the focus. Also, don’t rely on sales skills alone. You want someone who has extensive experience.

  1. Collect data and compare them

Get info from several professionals and compare them. You need to check their credentials such as their experience and education. Ethics also matters. Check on a person’s criminal record, registration, and licensing. Of course, you want to know their track record and the services they offer.

Tips for Choosing a Financial Advisor |

Tips for Choosing a Financial Advisor |

  1. Check for advisors online

Use the Internet to get more information. Don’t just limit yourself to the advisor’s site. You can check Google and look at several search results. It’s also advisable to find third-party content. Compliance records may also be seen online so be sure to check it out.

  1. Meet them in person

You need to have control during the interview. Before the interview, prepare questions that you’re going to ask to all the advisors. Limit the time you spend on the interview. You can also do it at the person’s office so you can check their staff as well as their work environment.

  1. Double check references

You can expect advisors to give you references that will only say great things about them. To make the most out of these references, ask all of them the same questions. Also, you can ask questions that can catch the person off guard. Bear in mind that a reference is nothing compared to the advisor’s track record, so don’t fall for comments that seem exaggerated.

The Chicago Financial Planner

The Chicago Financial Planner

Choosing a financial advisor is never easy. Your chosen advisor will influence or even control all your future investment decisions. These decisions will have an effect on your financial security most especially during the time you retire. So when you need a financial advisor, don’t be in a hurry. Not everyone out there is a good catch. You have to take your time and end up with the right one. Your choice can make or break your future and your retirement. So get to know advisors first and obtain as much information as you can before you make your final judgment.