Tips for Picking up MMO Fanatics

“Don’t do dumb things to impress a girl”

If we’ve seen it once we’ve seen it a thousand times: some poor guy trying to impress a girl by faking being into whatever she likes and just coming off like a complete idiot. Quick tip: don’t be that guy. When it comes to finding a girl anywhere in the UK, sticking with hobbies you like is really the best way to go. If your hobbies happen to include video games, or more specifically Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing ones, don’t lose hope just because you do not want to come off like a creepy in game stalker. Even though a lot of women complain about the treatment and attention they receive in game, many others will happily tell how they met their boyfriend or husband there as well. Whether you are looking for something permanent or a more short term hook up, chatting up an MMO fanatic can be a real choice if you put some effort into it. Learn more about the best sites on online dating for cheaters by reading our guide. Check The One and Only Cheater Dating Guide: Top Reviews and Tactics here. Use our tried and tested tips to pick up women online.

Actually Play the Game

“No need to show off – Play the game you know very well”

Of course, the most important part of all of this is to actually play the game. If she is that into the game herself and you just want to hook up because you heard she played it, she is more likely to find it creepy that you bothered making an account than sweet. Do not believe the movies when it comes to things like this: women usually consider guys taking up something new just have an excuse to talk to them to have more in common with stalkers than sweethearts. Instead, you should play the game because you actually want to play it, already were playing it before you met, or basically have any sort of investment in it at all separate of her. As we mentioned above, trying to play off knowledge you do not have as if you actually do becomes readily apparent really fast. Instead of looking like an idiot at best or a stalker at worst, start with something you know well.

Play a Class That Compliments Hers

“Give her a reasonable chance to choose the game level- Let her win”

One of the easiest ways of getting the two of you some time together is to play a class that compliments what she chose to level. This is not the sort of information you will find on cheater dating sites, so take notes. If you stick to the holy trinity of tank, mage, and healer, your chances of success are pretty high no matter the combination. Keep in mind, of course, that running around as a tank and healer duo is going to make it much easier to grab other people than literally any other combination you can come up with, so if you can play one of those two classes in compliment to hers, that is really the best way to go. This not only gives you a reason to hang out with her, but it also gives you a chance to demonstrate your compatibility with one another. The synergy that comes from working with someone consistently, especially when you have complimentary roles will make it easier to transition to something more down the line.

Stick to Private Channels to Avoid Embarrassment

One of the main lapses in etiquette that comes with courting someone in an MMO concerns where to hold conversations and eventually flirt with her. Whether you end up doing everything through text or chatting her up in your guild’s voice chat, keeping any pre-hookup flirting to private channels is always the best choice to make. Keep in mind that the MMO itself is not the same as finding her through any of the cheater dating sites for the UK. She did not sign up with the intention of finding someone to hook up with or start something more permanent, and has probably been propositioned before you as well. We don’t say this to discourage you from trying, but rather to make sure you know what you are up against. It is more than just her preconceived notions or want for privacy: it is actual previous experiences with Internet Casanovas that think her mere existence in the same game gives them a free ticket to harass her into spending time with them or even hooking up.

The best thing you can do to increase your chances of success is to acknowledge that she has the right to turn you down and keep romantic and sexual entanglementsout of her game time. Likewise, the best thing you can do for yourself is to come to grips with the idea that she may turn you down and be willing to deal with that in some sort of mature fashion. That means if you have established yourself on the server already, you need be capable of staying there if she turns you down or things go sour in some other way. Otherwise, you have just made your gaming life, which most of us use as stress relief and fun, into something that will never be the same again. Know what you are up against and how you might have to deal with any fail out and you will actually improve your chances with her. Part of that involves keeping your flirting to private messages and voice chat rooms. The more chances something you say will embarrass her, the higher the chance she is going to turn you down.

Buy Her Game Relevant Gifts

“If she is fond of playing video games -then she will love it”

Lastly, getting on the good side of an MMOfanatic doesn’t get any simpler than giving her something in the game she is so fond of. This should always be a serious consideration to the point of setting aside money just in case the moment is perfect. The reason for this is twofold. First, consider how you would approach her in person: probably either with an offer to buy her a drink, or a flower, or even, more bluntly, and offer to pay for the hotel room. Whatever the case, giving her a present is a pretty quick, easy and painless way of showing your interest. In fact, most women will pause if you suddenly decide to give them an in game present that actually costs money specifically to ask you if it is supposed to be seen as a flirt.

Always be honest with herif you want to buy her something and she asks you why you’re giving it to her. The more straightforward you are, the better your chances of success, or at least an easier let down. When it comes right down to it, though, the best cheater dating sites around are not going to give you the same chances with someone that buying an MMO fanatic an in game item will. You appeal to her through something she already loves and you give her a reason to give you more than just the time of day. Although you should not take this to mean that her accepting it is the same as accepting your advances in their entirety, so never pay more than you are willing to lose in the case she turns you down. There will always be some level of risk involved, even on sites devoted to finding you a quick hookup. There is always the chance that she will turn you down, the key is to give her as many reasons as you can not to.

Food Play and Cam Sites

“Do you want to see her face covered with that pizza topping?”

Whenever you’re using popular sex cam sites, there’s definitely a tendency to become creative. That’s something that we always personally strive towards, and that’s why we can think of a million different little kinks to bring into our cam site shows with ladies from time to time. Food play is one of those things, and it’s definitely something that can be a ton of fun if you’re using it right. That being said, you need to understand the difficulties, and you also need to make sure that it’s within the rules. If you don’t cover your bases first and foremost, it can be a disaster. Finding real webcam women for food play can be a hard thing if you don’t know where to look. Check out to know the best nude sex cam sites and have fun by indulging in food play with them.

What is Food Play?

Understanding what food play is before you end up getting into the cam site groove is important. A lot of men don’t even know what it is that they’re jumping right into, and that’s a damn shame, considering that food play can be a lot of fun…but it definitely has a lot of different facets that guys don’t even think about. That’s because it usually just gets passed over.

Food play obviously refers to bringing something edible into the bedroom experience. This can be something as sensual and sexual as chocolate, or hell, if you’re into it, it can even be spaghetti. It’s all up to you to bring up what kinds of foods that you’d like to include whenever you’re using popular sex cam sites, and that’s why it’s something that a lot of guys just try to shy away from. They aren’t sure what will work out the best, so they just don’t bring it up at all. That’s a shame, and it’s really something that needs to be moved on from.

There are a lot of fantastic ways to bring food play or any sort of edible play into cam site chat rooms, and that’s what we’re striving towards. We’re not saying that it’s the easiest thing around, but it’s definitely something that can be fun and exciting without a doubt. Trying it out and having a blast can reveal that you’re into something that you never realized before, and that’s what cam sites are all about. You’ll definitely be able to expand your horizons if you end up making food play something that does it for you in bed.

Having It On Her Side

“Ask her to take that inside”

Sometimes, the easiest thing in the world is just to have the food play aspect be on her side of the camera. Maybe she’s got some chocolate sauce that she can dribble all over her body. Admittedly, you aren’t there to lick it up, but this is going to require some dirty talk on both of your ends when she’s running her fingers through it and sucking it off of them. Obviously, this can be very erotic to watch, and it can definitely be something that she’ll be more than willing to do, considering that she gets to eat a bit of chocolate, too.

You need to be smart about what foods to use, however. Maybe it’s edible panties that are something that you want to enjoy seeing her peel off of herself, or maybe you want her to sit around and suck on a lollipop. Technically, all of this is food play, but it’s usually concentrated in the form of sauces or liquids that are licked off of the body when someone else is playing with them. It is, of course, not limited to this, so keep in mind if you want her to eat a pizza–you can always ask.

Cam-to-Cam Goodness

Maybe you want to show off your own body that’s just covered in caramel sauce from head to toe. That sounds like a blast, personally, and that’s why you might want to consider the cam-to-cam option that’s often offered on popular sex cam sites. You can show her what’s going on with your side of the equation, too, and that can be something that’s highly erotic and sexy for both of you. It definitely will bring another edge of fun and excitement to the private chat that the two of you have started.

It doesn’t matter what you want to show her–you’re more than welcome to. Just keep it within the guides of your particular private chat room show, and make sure that she’s perfectly comfortable with seeing your naked body all covered in whatever it is that you’d like it to be in. Maybe you also just want to eat a salad in front of her as some in-depth innuendo. The sky’s the limit, and it’s all a matter of what you want to pay for, and what you want to experience when it comes to cam sites online.

Understand the Cons

“Avoid sugary substance during food play”

Food play isn’t all fun and games…well, it is, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t without its cons. Sometimes, it can be incredibly messy, and actually, that’s usually the case. We personally don’t mind it, but you’ll occasionally have a cam girl that just isn’t willing to cover herself in chocolate because she’s not going to have time to break from her cam site schedule to go and shower afterwards. This is perfectly reasonable, and you really can’t get on her case about it. This is her career, after all, and that means that she needs to keep a tight ship.

You’ll also find girls that just don’t want it near their genitals, and that’s also very, very reasonable. Sugary foods can really cause some issues for her, and the last thing that you want is your favorite cam girl out of commission because you gave her a yeast infection from all of that chocolate. Keep this in mind, and make sure that you’re careful with the requests that you throw at her. Keep it to the body that isn’t around her genitals, and you’ll be able to enjoy chocolate sauce all over her tits instead. It’s really just as good in our books.

Sometimes, It’s Against The Rules

“Make sure your requests are legal”

Shockingly, some cam sites actually have some rules against this kind of play. They don’t want to be held responsible for the food that’s being eaten, or maybe they don’t want the logos of different companies showing up in their cam feeds. Whatever the case, take care to read the rules before you actually give a cam girl a request like this. If you ask for something that’s against the rules, you might find yourself end up banned before you ever even realize what happened, and that’s really the opposite of what anyone wants.

Sometimes, she might just be plain banned from eating on screen at all. That’s a shame, but that’s when it’s just time to go to a specialty site if you’re really into the art of food play. Keep this in mind, look around, and find the right site and cam girls that can really satisfy this craving that you have. They definitely do exist, and that’s why it’s just a matter of reading up and making sure that you can really end up getting what you want from your cam site experience. It definitely makes a huge difference for you at the end of the day.

How To Tell If Your Gay Cam Performer Is Faking Being Gay

“Does he look gay?”

It’s sad to think that someone would pretend to be gay to perform for a gay cam site, but it does happen and we as a community need to learn to look out for those subtle signs that will give away an intruder. We can’t get them fired but we can choose not to support their careers in the gay cam industry. You don’t want to be asking yourself are gay cam sites real, you want to find the best ones and get hot willing gay cam performers. You want to know you’ll be watching a hot gay cam performer who’s actually into what’s he’s doing with other men and not afraid of his sexuality. We need strong gay cam performers who are enthusiastic to put on a show for us! It’s time to find the frauds and avoid them so we can find gay cam performers worth our time and money! Spotting the fakes can be hard at first, but once you develop an eye for it you’ll be able to tell any cam performers real preferences in minutes. There are many details to consider when watching a live gay cam that will give you clues as to the performers true gay tendencies. All these little clues added together will give you a complete picture that tells you what you need to know.

What Is He Or Rather Isn’t He Wearing

“He is ready for a show”

The most obvious thing that you will notice first will of course be whatever your hot gay cam man is wearing. The less he’s wearing the better, and not just because that’s what you want to see! It’s important that he’s comfortable with his physique and with the idea of gay men staring at how good-looking he is. If he is wearing a little something chances are it should be provocative and alluring, something that plays into your fantasy about him. Clothing should always be tight and revealing, leaving little to the imagination. Flashy and full of flair is also a bonus, and can come in the form of feathers, leather, bright colors and shiny glittery fabrics and accessories. Be careful that your gay cam performer doesn’t go overboard with these ides and use too many or seem desperate. True gay aesthetic stays classy and serves to compliment the manly physique, not distract from it. If he’s putting on too much of a show he may be trying to make up for something, like his lack of interest in other men. It can be a fine line between tastefully gay and too much, so it may help to get a sense of his personality if you’re getting mixed signals from his outfit. Sadly, not even all gay men come with perfect fashion sense.

Figuring Out His Gay Identity

“His actions will tell you if he is a gay or not”

As you get to know your newfound gay cam performer you’ll begin to get a feel for his true personality. Men who are actually gay or bisexual have a deeper sense of gay identity within the gay community, and not simply a gay caricature. You will be able to delve into their gay identity and answer questions like is he a Top or a Bottom? How does he like to please other men? Does he talk dirty about gay topics? Many gay cam performers will have different flair and personality then each other. Finding what you like in a performer is very important to your own enjoyment of gay cam sites. You want to be able to build a repertoire of amazing gay live cam performers you like to frequent, each with their unique style and personality. If you’re having a hard time getting a deeper sense of individual gay personality from your live cam performer begin scrutinizing other elements and seeing if anything falls up short. You shouldn’t be asking yourself are gay cam sites real while you’re on a gay cam site, that’s a sign your performer is faking. It can also be a scam cam site. Read GayRuleta Review: Should You Take a Change or Fold This One? Find out if the live muscle men you see on a site like this are really gay or just faking it. Men who lack gay personality are often simply not gay at all and confused by what actual men who are attracted to other men want from them. They don’t understand being attracted to other men and therefore have a hard time giving you what you want. It only makes sense to stick to actually gay live cam performers who know your needs and how to satisfy them.

Take a Look At His Web Stage

“Pay attention to the room background where he is performing”

A true gay cam performer thinks of his live cam as his stage and goes to more effort to make sure it’s presented well than someone who is pretending to be gay. Gay men are just more detail oriented and like to make sure they are presented as well as they can be. Their live cam area will be free of clutter and well lit. If lacking in funds their background style will be minimal or very homelike. It won’t be flashy but it will be immaculately clean and perhaps slightly decorated. The more well off and flamboyant gay cams feature more put together elaborate stage areas where their performers intend to put on one hell of a show. They will take much pride in their stage area, making sure their audience knows it especially seeing as customers often help to fund the more elaborate elements of their set ups. If you find a gay cam performer who’s in a dirty or dingy room and doesn’t seem to care about his surrounding be cautious of his true intentions. If anything seems messy or out of place take note if it’s from his live cam activities and if not you should question his dedication to his craft. Real gay cam performers take much pride in their stage area.

If He Seems Too Expensive He Isn’t Gay

One of the sure signs you’ve found someone less than gay is to see how much extra they’re charging for more the more kinky gay viewers. Men who aren’t gay will often try and charge extra for gay performances because they feel they should get paid extra for doing something they aren’t fully comfortable with. Paying them extra is their incentive for doing the gay job, even when it often feels forced and just not as entertaining or sexy. You’ll be asking if gay cam sites are real when you see how terrible some of these more expensive performers who need the extra incentive can be. Avoid the extra expensive gay cam site performers as they are often scams by straight men to get paid extra for something actually gay cam performers are better at and only too willing to do for less.

Be sure to run through all these facets of how to spot if your gay cam performers isn’t gay. It can sometimes take putting all the elements together to discover the truth if he’s doing a good job of hiding it. Look out for hesitancy when it comes to more intimate moments and be sure to give him some time to show his true colors. Ultimately you’ll find a good gay live cam performer and you’ll be able to have a standard to measure against. Only once you’re sure a performer is truly gay should you hire him for private chats or donate to his goals. We all need to work together to support our gay cam performers and not the frauds.

Knowing What Type of Woman You’ll Appeal to Most and Catering to Her Specifically

“Is she physically attractive?”

Knowing how to present yourself when you hit the dating and hook up scene isn’t always easy, especially if you feel like you’re a fairly average guy with no majorly interesting qualities. You might think that all of the other guys out there have more positive qualitiesthan you do, or that they’re much more interesting people in general. You might not fit into any specific type of guy that women seem to tend to be drawn towards. Dealing with this can be tough, and there’s very little advice out there on how to actually deal with it. Things don’t seem so simple when you do not feel like you fit into any specific type of guy. It’s not easy to use your positive traits to your advantage if you don’t even know where to start to make yourself seem appealing to women.

You’ve read all of the reviews on sites made to get you laid, but no guy has offered good adviceas to how they managed to pick up the women of their dreams. The truth is that even if you feel unremarkable, you can still manage to pick up plenty of women. You just need to know which women to try and appeal to and how you should make yourself more of a specific type of guy. It’s not as hard as you might think. It just requires a bit of planning on your thought. Before you know it, you’ll have found your niche in the dating game and you will no longer have to worry about pulling in allthe women you desire. Always remember to check out getting laid website reviews. Browse to find like-minded UK women. Appeal to their desires and you will get laid.

Women Have Specific Preferences Too

“She is not interested in clingy guys”

If you have a type of woman that you’re attracted to, you are probably used to only trying to hook upwith that specific type of woman. It should seem obvious, but some women have a specific type of guy they want to go after, too. Because of this, you’re never going to be able to attract every single woman in Sheffield. You can’t appeal to everyone at once, and you certainly can’t appeal to every single woman. This may seem discouraging, but it can actually work in your favour if you know what to do. The fact of the matter is that since all women have different preferences, there are going to be women out there that you appeal to perfectly. You might not consider yourself anything but average, but you likely have qualities than can form a type that women seek out when they hit the dating and hook up scene as well.

So no matter how average you think you are, try not to worry about it too much. There’s going to be a woman who is attracted to you simply because of who you are on your own, so you just have to know how to work your qualities to your advantage. The right amount of confidence can take you a long way down the path of success.

Knowing What Type You Can Become

“Be a confident man”

If you’ve never really thought of the fact that you might want to try to become a certain type of guy, it might not be easy to decide what you can be. Obviously you want to pick what will suit you best so you aren’t trying to be someone entirely different. Just because you’ve browsed all the reviews of sites that promise you can get laid quick and you’ve noticed most guys who are successful are brawny and not brainy – or the other way around – doesn’t mean you have to try and be something that you’re not. You can work your natural qualities to your advantage if you know what you should be emphasizing.

The key is that you should be focusing on your best qualities and working on them while still focusing on your weak spots. If you’re a fairly athletic guy, you want to emphasize your strength and masculinity while still trying to find a way to come across as being sensitive. If you’re a more intellectual guy, you should find women who dig a more sensitive guy while still trying to assert your masculinity with an increased amount of confidence. Remember that above all else, it’s important to own what you are. Don’t be embarrassed or shy about your hobbies or qualities. You have to be confident in your own personality so that you can make women want you.

Knowing What Type a Woman Is Looking For

“She wants an honest man”

Not all women in Sheffield are going to want the same type of guy. Not all of the women you want to hook up with are going to want the same type of guy. It sucks, but sometimes you have to accept that the woman you’re trying to hook up with just isn’t into you – not because of anything you did, but because you just are not her type. This can be frustrating and is often what causes guys to get fed up with the dating scene in general. However, you can prevent some pain by being able to tell what a certain woman is looking for.

It’s usually not going to be easy to tell what she wants unless you ask her up front, but sometimes you should be able to guess what kind of type she’s into. If she’s short and petite, she is probably going to be into stronger guys in general, but you can probably find a way to work even the smallest height difference to your advantage. If she looks like the perfect country southern girl, you can probably guess what she’s into. Just remember that making flash judgments on a woman to decide what type of guy she wants isn’t always going to be accurate. You shouldn’t decide not to pursue a woman just because you think she may not be into you, because you could easily be mistaken.

Catering to a Specific Woman’s Idea of her Perfect Man

Once you’ve decided on what type of guy that you’re most likely to be, it’s important to know how to make it work for you. You can read reviews and try to find the best sites to get laid all day long, but it’s a bit more difficult in reality to try and find the best woman to hook up with. Playing up to a woman’s expectations and trying to be her perfect man isn’t easy, but if you find a woman who seems particularly into the type of guy you are, it shouldn’t be impossible.

Try to figure out what she seems most attracted to about you and what she might want out of a hook up. This is most easily accomplished by having a long conversation with her to try and determine what she’s most interested in. Once you know what she likes in a guy, you should be able to provide it fairly easily. Just try not to make it too obvious that you’re trying to cater specifically to what she wants, since this can make it less than romantic. You’re not always going to be able to be the perfect guy, but you can at least pretend to be well enough to convince her for the time being, and that’s often enough to satisfy most women.

BDSM and Your Affair

“Are you ready to take the next step?”

BDSM can be one hell of a kink to bring into your affair, especially if you aren’t getting it at home. It’s important, of course, to read a lot of British affair dating site reviews to make sure that you’re on the right site to make this happen, but chances are, you’ll find a lady in Britain that really suits your needs. That being said, there are some parts of BDSM that really need to be addressed before you end up starting things off, so make sure you have all your bases covered with your mistress, and you’ll really end up having a great time no matter what the British affair dating site reviews say. Find sexy singles online by reading the best reviews available on the internet. Choose from the best affair dating sites and get lucky.

What is BDSM, Anyway?

“Begin your research”

A lot of men in Britain might be confused about what exactly BDSM is, as British affair dating site reviews can vary on their explanations on it. It stands for Bondage, Discipline, and SadoMasochism. It involves many aspects of dominance and submission, and that means that it involves usually some sort of roleplay that may or may not extend outside of the bedroom. Depending on what you’re looking for, you might be more into certain aspects of BDSM than others. Maybe you’re just looking for the bondage aspect of it, or maybe you’re just a masochist. Whatever you’re into, there’s something in BDSM for just about everyone, and you can always find someone with like ideals.

Bringing BDSM into the bedroom might not be the easiest thing in the world, and this is why many men have affairs. They can’t get what they want with their wife, or they might be too afraid to bring it up to her in fear of scaring her off or making her think that they are a giant pervert. That really doesn’t need to be the case, but that’s neither here nor there, and that’s why affairs happen. Finding a mistress that’s just as into BDSM as you is very possible, and can make things a great deal of fun.

Safe Words

“Don’t forget your Safeword”

One of the most important aspects of BDSM is the usage of a safe word. In case you aren’t aware, safe words are basically the word that you use in a BDSM scenario, or any role playing scenario, really, that signals the end of a scenario. You might feel uncomfortable, or there might be something that you just wish would stop temporarily. This word is different than ‘no’ or ‘stop’, as in many consent play situations, those words are used regardless of whether you really want them to stop. A safe word is unrelated, and might be something as silly as ‘eggplant.’

These words help you realize boundaries, and should be discussed thoroughly before you and your mistress end up in a BDSM situation. You should figure out what your safe word is and what hers is, and also talk about the different hard or soft limits that you might have. These limits are, accordingly, what you will never do, and what you might do in small bits and pieces. By discussing this sort of thing beforehand, you’ll have a much better grasp on what you want out of the situation, and what you can comfortably have fun with in the bedroom.

Slowly Introducing Bondage

“Make sure she is interested”

Perhaps your particular interest is in bondage, and you’d love to have a chance to enjoy it with your mistress. There are many different kinds of bondage out there, and they do not need to be approached without the proper amount of research. You need to take the time to figure out exactly what it is you want out of your bondage scenarios, and make sure that your mistress is 100% on board before you dive right into a scenario that neither of you know all that much about. This is why conversations about it are so very, very important.

For example, if you’re into shibari, or the art of Japanese bondage, then you need to do a good deal of research. Take the time to practice your rigging, and have the proper ropes and materials. You don’t want to go in blindly and make a rig that is uncomfortable for your mistress or that you end up hurting her by forcing her to wear. You need to always have a first aid kit on hand regardless of the bondage situation, and it’s really going to paint you as a much more responsible partner if you do, anyway.

Discuss Your Scenarios

“Choose the type of roleplay you want her to participate in”

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: take the time to discuss what it is you want in the bedroom with your mistress. Doing so is really going to make you stand out and make you much happier in the sack, and that applies to both of you. Once you two have ironed out the details, you’re really going to see a difference in the way things play out, and the amount of fun that you both end up having in general. You’ll be much more comfortable around each other, and just have a better time.

There are also some scenarios that just require a bit more finagling than others. They might require consent play, such as kidnapping role plays. If you don’t iron out these details well in advance, you’re going to end up in a situation that can lead to some pretty nasty things, and you might even get arrested because of someone attempting to intervene on your playtime. Don’t let this happen to you. Plan ahead, and take the time to iron out details that will ultimately make everything go much more smoothly. It will really be worth it, and you’ll have a good time when it happens.

Have a Toy Box

“Get a bag for your BDSM toys”

Don’t come to your BDSM scenarios with your mistress empty handed. If you’re unprepared, it’s going to really reflect badly on you, and you’ll end up with a reputation of being something of a slacker that doesn’t care about his ladies. That’s the last thing that you want, especially if you’re a member of the BDSM community. It’s up to you, especially if you’re the Dominant, to come prepared and well-aware of exactly what to bring to the scenarios in question. Otherwise, she’s not going to want to come back and do anything else with you.

The more prepared you are, the better. This also brings back the whole idea of discussing your scenarios, because the more you talk about it, the more likely you are to get exactly what you want out of it. Take your time, talk to her about it, and figure out exactly what you need to bring. It will make a huge difference.

At the end of the day, BDSM can be a ton of fun for both you and your mistress. You really don’t want to skimp on anything regarding it, however, and make sure that you plan quite a bit to make sure all of your scenarios end up the way that you want them to. The more planning you do, the happier you both will be, and that’ll make her come back for more again and again. You’ll definitely see a difference, and it’s going to make you much happier in your affairs in general.

When She Spends More Time with Books than You

She’s perfect – or at least she is when she can get her nose out of a book and you can actually have a discussion. That is often the problem with finding someone intelligent even if it was through one of the best hookup dating sites for Bristol. While spending time with a voracious reader can be a lot of fun and the quiet ones can be very surprising in bed, there are some downsides and spending more time with books than you is probably going to be one of them. So what can you do when she really doesn’t seem that interested in human interaction?

Determine How Big of a Deal This Really Is

“How much does it bothers you?”

This really goes both ways. How important is it that she spend more time with you to her and to you? The reason we suggest looking at this first is that you are more than likely going to find a discrepancy. Sometimes, even, many people find that it is actually less important to them than they first thought. The simple fact that she spends so much time engrossed in a book is just different than what they are used and they are not sure if it reflects whether or not she really wants to be with them. In fact, that has nothing to do with whether or not you want her to spend more time with you, but that you think it means something negative. If that is the case, the best thing you can do is discuss it with her. It isn’t a popular piece of advice, but it really is the best to be had in most cases where you think she is indicating something but has not actually said anything about it. Clear things up and you will most likely find that it actually has nothing to do with you. Most of the time, it is the result of someone who may really like spending time with you but just used to reading all of the time and waiting on you to initiate.

Of course, the other result is when it turns out to be a lot more important to you than even you may have first thought. That happens too and is usually also a result of being used to this in a relationship. In most cases, this is just as easy to fix as the previous situation, so do not worry about it very much. On the other hand, if she is not that into hanging out with you while you really want to spend more time with her, you may have to settle for sitting in the same room while she reads. Some women just do not need the same level of attention as media often likes to imply. Many just are not used to having to make the effort. Still more are more partial to their inner worlds than spending time with someone else. None of these situations are reasons to run back to one of the best hookup dating sites for a second go around. Pretty much any mismatch of preferences can be solved one way or another. It all depends on your willingness to compromise, and that starts with knowing where you both stand.

Talk to Her about It

“Be straight forward with her about your feelings”

No matter where you find yourselves, you are going to have to have a conversation about this at some point. Of course, if you go to her, trying to make sure she understands how important spending time together outside of books, movies and any other intervening activity can be difficult to put to words. In many cases, we end up coming off more whiney and needy than anything else and that really does not help solve any of the problem. When it comes to people who are naturally shy or just do not need or want to be around others all that frequently, this can be the difference between having a good relationship and calling it off altogether.

Keep in mind that everyone’s preferences for interaction are different. On top of that, what someone expects from the person they are dating is usually going to be different than what they expect from someone else they know. It is really common to have multiple sets of expectations for social interaction and no reason to trade someone in for the next best option from one of the best hookup dating sites. Instead, learning to have a discussion with her will always produce better results. Learning how to approach her about something like this will not only help solve the immediate issue, but also set the tone for the rest of the relationship. Do not bounce just because you have to have a conversation; trust us when we say that generally means you will never have something long lasting. Actual relationship require discussion. Contrary to popular belief, finding someone who automatically agrees with everything you want and say and has the same views on things like interacting in an exclusive relationship does not usually happen.

“Don’t let the situation get out of hand”

Of course, the most important part of starting a conversation about the amount of time you spend together is making sure to catch her at the right moment. In fact, this is the recipe for success in most arguments. You want to make sure you catch her in a good or at least neutral mood for the best results. This means not interrupting her when she needs some time on her own and certainly not when she has her nose buried in another book. That will only make her confrontational, which is not going to help resolve the situation at all. Be calm, inquisitive and forthright and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by how receptive she will be to the problem at hand. This goes for most discussions, but is especially important here when you need her input to know her position and be able to come to compromise more than anything else. In some cases, you can agree to disagree, but when it comes to how much time you spend together, you have to be willing to give as much as you want to take or things are not going to last no matter what else you do.

Make the Most of It

“Learn to enjoy her with her reading habit”

Since you can almost guarantee that you will need to make a compromise in this situation lest you end up back on one of the best hookup dating sites for Bristol, finding ways to make the best of your situation will help you keep your end of the bargain. In case, you want to get back to the internet dating scene and looking to hookup with some hot British women, then visit Read the top hookup dating website reviews and then make your final choice. But this time find someone who has similar interests in books as yours. There are a lot of upsides to having a girlfriend that is more interested in books than you. For one thing, it gives you more time for your own hobbies and spending time with your friends. In a lot of relationships, these things are often contested grounds. In one where she is already enveloped by her own time commitments, this is no longer the case. Ultimately, this means you have a lot more freedom in terms of where you go, what you do and who you do it with. Someone so engrossed in books is not really going to care where you are at all times of the day or night.

How to Make Your Job Sound More Interesting than It Is

“Be a great conversationalist”

Trying to make yourself as appealing as you could possibly be for potential hookups often has just as much to do with how you phrase things as it does your looks. Too many men spend all of their time looking up which clothes to wear, meeting women website reviews, and the places to take her on a date, only to forget or ignore the important part of what to say once the two of you are together. Not many women find it enticing to date someone who stumbles over their words or doesn’t put effort into holding a conversation. Even if you are only looking for one night, sounding interesting will always increase your chances of actually appealing to someone. Knowing what to say before you’re put on the spot will help you, especially if you really don’t have something interesting to say in the first place. Don’t get discouraged, though: most guys don’t have much to say either. Learning to embellish is a skill that takes some practice, but is very useful once acquired.

Start by Summarizing

“Tell her about your job responsibilities”

The best thing you can do to avoid coming off nervous or boring is to withhold the babble. Most of us, when we get nervous, tend to blurt out whatever first comes to mind and quickly follow up with a babbling attempt at clarification. This doesn’t really help anyone. Not only does it give off a weak impression, but it usually leaves her rather confused if not completely put off after the fact. To avoid this, think about what it is you do for a living and how best to summarize it in a sentence or two. This is generally a good practice anyway when it comes to networking for your career, so figuring it out is always time well spent. Regardless of why you bother parsing your description down, it’s important to get at the heartof what you do, and to remember that you probably aren’t the only person in England who has that particular job.

In other words, don’t just say you are a paper pusher, or sit a cubicle, or fry fish, or whatever menial task you consider to be the majority of your day. That doesn’t explain your job; it only explains what you are doing throughout the day. You wouldn’t tell someone you stared at a computer screen typing all day if your actual job was programming, would you? Try not to do the same elsewhere and you will have greater success. If at a loss, consider first what you are responsible for on any given day. If you work in a cubicle farm, what documents are you looking over and what is their worth to the company? If you slave over a hot stove, even if it is a fast food position, you are still a cook, if not a chef. Retail positions involve a slew of sales and customer serviceduties one can more or less pick and choose from in the description. Instead of rattling off your day to day activities, explain instead how you are responsible for meeting sales quotas or handling client complaints; both are the essence of common retail positions, but sound far more involved and official when described according to their responsibilities instead of their tasks.

Convert the Summary to an Elevator Pitch

“You should know what you are saying about yourself”

Another good reason to get in the habit of summarizing your job is to be able to turn that summary into an “elevator pitch“- so called, because it is what you are supposed to say about yourself if you get stuck in an elevator with someone in a higher level position than you. If you can put together something that sounds good to someone who may hire or raise you in the company, chances are it is going to sound good to anyone you found through meeting women website reviews. In fact, when she asks about your job, you don’t even have to deliver the entire pitch, but rather the part that describes what it is you do now. Not only does putting together the pitch help you in the short term to sound better when answering her questions, but also in the long run in terms of employment. Not bad, for dating advice you could easily apply within the day.

Keep Specific Tasks You’ve Done Well in Mind

“Be ready for her rapid-fire questions”

It is also important to keep in mind that just answering the question of your job with something simple and to the point as we’ve suggested is not going to stop the conversation entirely. In fact, just about anyone in England is going to take that as permission to inquire further, so it’s always best to have something in mind for when they inevitably ask you to give an example, or explain what you mean. This is especially true if you happen to work in a misunderstood or uncommon field. Typically, we’ve found it’s often men in the sciences who can’t seem to find the right balance between explaining what they do and going off on a jargon filled tangent about a specific thing they were working on recently. We aren’t saying you need to assume anyone you could possibly date is going to be someone less intelligent than you, however. Instead, the key to continuing the conversation without watching her eyes glaze over or coming off patronizing is to craft your answer for your audience.

That is why we suggest keeping a specific task you’ve done well in mind. If you think back over the length of your career or current job, there is bound to something you remember having a feeling of accomplishment over. Whether it was managing to keep calm in front of a screaming customer, or finally finding the logical fault in a line of code, there has to be something that you at least felt relieved with completing. Start there. Once again consider the entire story and then start to pair down the unneeded information. She probably does not need to know what everyone’s opinions on what was going on were, or how much you enjoyed or disliked the task. Instead, focus on answering questions about what, exactly you did in the broadest terms and why it was important.

Titles Should Always Be a Last Resort Unless They Are Acronyms

Last but not least, always be sure to exhaust all of you other options before giving her the actual name of your position. Chances are, unless that position is something like “CEO,”it’s not a very impressive title. The people that come up with them generally aren’t all that creative and you typically end up with something that ends in “associate.” That is the quickest way to announce you are on the bottom rung whether through meeting women website reviews or in person. If you do have a generic title at work, always try to embellish and work around it by explaining what you do and giving an example as we explained above. Just giving a title is the exact opposite of the rambling, nervous response that is so common when we try to impress someone, but equally as destructive. You can always play up what you do when you do not name exactly what it is. Always choose from the popular websites to meet women. Read theReviews of the Best Sites on the Web to Meet & Hookup With Women. The women from the top sites would want to date someone respectable, so make sure that your job description sounds good to her.

The New Kobo Aura HD: A Game Changer in Reading

Since technology has changed the game of almost every aspect of our lives. From communication to entertainment to learning, the Internet and mobile devices are there to aid people on-the-go. Ebooks are becoming famous nowadays because of the increasing expense of printed materials. One of the newest eReader released is the new Kobo Aura HD which gathered millions of fans and critics.

Want to have Kobo but don’t know what it can really do for you? Here’s a list of the eReader’s specs and how you could maximize its features.

What is Kobo Aura HD?

Kobo Aura is not just your ordinary eBook reader; it’s one of the gadgets you can be proud of having.

To begin with, Kobo HD is neatly packaged and comes with a USB charging cable. Just like other eReaders, Kobo is dependent on WiFi connectivity to activate it and to download eBooks. Another option to start it up is to download the Kobo software in their desktops and hook it up tp the mobile device with a USB cable.

Kobo Aura HD Specification

Near perfect display

The device’s 6.8 inches display screen is perfect for online reading. It offers a resolution of 1140 X 1080 for crystal clear browsing and reading. In fact, it is known to have 20% clearer display than any other eReader brands. Page turning speed is quite good, unlike other eBook readers where you need to wait for the loading time to finish before reading the next page. However, if you turn it too fast, you may see a ghost of the previous page and disappears after the current page has finished loading.

The only “premium eReader in the market”

One of the most important feature that any eReader brand should consider is the customization of reading experience. Kobo HD is known be the only premium eBook reader available in the market today. This is because of the amazing features that Kobo has compared to its competitors.

Kobo Aura HD ereader hands-on - SlashGear

Kobo Aura HD ereader hands-on – SlashGear

Kobo Aura HD gives the readers one-of-a-kind flexibility they can’t have in other eReaders.

  • margins can be reduces in near-zero

  • font can be changed according to the reader’s preference

  • the reader can adjust the settings to adjust brightness and contrast

  • has a built-in Meriam Dictionary for easy vocabulary

  • has a navigation slider to view any page in the book in a breeze

  • functional and sleek home page

Battery Life

With Kobo Aura HD, there’s no need to worry about cutting off your reading time because of battery problems. The eReader has a near-perfect battery life, making it ideal for reader/travelers. If you have 30 minutes of reading a day, your battery can go on 2 months without charging! It’s a pretty good feature knowing the hassle of empty batts.


Kobo’s functionality is not the only thing that makes it stand out. The device also comes with a sleek design and colours that many eBook readers may find artistic. Also, it has a form factor which makes it easier for first time eReaders to adjust. Instead of the usual flat-surfaced mobile device, Kobo has a “W” shaped back to stimulate handling of a real book.

Hands-On With Kobo Aura HD

Hands-On With Kobo Aura HD

Final Thoughts

Although Kobo Aura HD has a steep price curve, you will definitely be satisfied with the features and overall reading experience. Unlike reading conventional reading materials, eBooks are heavily reliant on several things such as power, internet connection, and loading time. Thus, it is necessary to choose the best eReader for an enjoyable reading time.

Proposal Ideas To Make Her Say Yes!

Weddings, families, love – they all start or lead to decisions. These decisions are huge and should not be taken very lightly by any human being who wants to take them. Before you get a yes from the person you love, you should make sure in yourself that you love them so surely to want to spend your lifetime with them. And when you do, you need to setup a master plan right away on how to get her to say yes to you. Proposals need a lot of creativity but sometimes they should be done in a way that doesn’t require the whole word’s attention. They have to be something different but very special to make her realize and feel her worth and your love.

Proposal Idea #1 Propose to her in front of her family

Women who value their family dearly will surely value you and your future family with her. They are the type that would definitely make a big deal of her parents’ “say” about you and would really admire being asked to marry you in front of your whole family – the most important people in your life. Make sure that before you do this, you already got her parents’ blessings and permission to ask her to marry you. You can’t surprise her parents on that same day as well most especially when you’re not even sure if they would want you to be their in law. Save yourself from some embarrassment and trouble!

My proposal to my wife in front of her whole family

My proposal to my wife in front of her whole family

Proposal Idea #2 Take her somewhere she really wants to go to

If your girl has a dream vacation or dream destination that she thought she never would be able to reach in her life, this would just be the best way to propose to her. Take her to that place with her parents’ permission and knowledge that you are going to propose to her and then ask her to marry you. You don’t have to make it too fancy anymore as she would just be so overwhelmed even with just reaching that place and even more being asked that question she’s probably been waiting for all her life too.

Proposal Idea #3 Ask her on yours or her birthday

If it’s your birthday, don’t let her give you any gift. Let her know that having her around would just make you the happiest person on earth. You can also reason out with wanting to do it a different way where you would be the one to give her a gift on your birthday. You can hide the ring inside the gift and surprise her. If it’s her birthday, it would even be easier. Give her a gift box with the ring in it. Start with a really huge box and let it end up with a small one containing the ring. Make sure everybody knows it except her so that they could make it more exciting and fun for both of you.

Kate Moss leaves her home in bohemian fashion but is she going to

Kate Moss leaves her home in bohemian fashion but is she going to

Truly when asking a person to spend your life with them is something that is heavy and breath-taking. But when you actually do and get a yes from your girl, you would feel like you’re the best man on earth that’s ever lived. All the fears, anxieties, stresses and nervousness would just disappear. It’s one of the most incomparable joys you could ever have in this life.

Most Powerful Foods to Give for Picky Eaters

Kids who are picky eaters may become malnourished if they do not receive the sufficient amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals required to grow healthy. There are different sources of foods that are available around and can contribute a lot in the overall health of your kids. As a responsible parent, you must also be familiar with the most nutritious your kids need.

Sweet potatoes to complete their day

Sweet potatoes are known as a versatile root crop that can be paired with various types of meal. They are loaded with vitamin E, iron, beta carotene, potassium and vitamin BG. Many people love eating sweet potatoes because of their unique taste. You can prepare them in a manner that you like to catch the attention and appetite of your children like you can boil them. You can as well experiment with this food, however, watch with your add-ons. Some mothers fry this with sugar. This is not recommended though because sweet potato is already sweet and oil is not that really good especially if mothers chose the wrong oil type.


Oatmeal has been one of the healthiest foods. However, some children do not actually appreciate them and some parents do not realize the great nutrition it provides. Studies reveal that kids who eat oatmeal can focus and pay more attention in school. Oatmeal is rich in fiber and belongs to the whole grain family. It digests slowly and provides kids with steady energy stream. If you want to make them strong and energetic throughout the day and as they grow, you have to give them the enough amount of oatmeal in each meal.

Feeding Picky Eaters - Oprah.

Feeding Picky Eaters – Oprah.

Fruits Add Colors to Kids Life

Fruits go along with other nutritious foods such as vegetables. There is a wide variety of fruit selection. You need to provide your kids with enough fruits so that they can receive a complete source of vitamins and minerals. Any type of fruit works great for your child. It provides all essential minerals and vitamins including fiber. To get amazing nutritional benefits from them, try to eat different kinds of fruit daily especially every after meal. Some of the best fruits are oranges, melon, kiwifruit and berries.

Still life for kids | Crafts for kids

Still life for kids | Crafts for kids

The foods mentioned above are just some of the most important foods to give to your kids. Make your children appreciate you and enjoy every meal by cooking your own healthy recipe for them. Creating a meal plan makes children get more excited and interested to know what you will serve in the dining table during meal time. Add a touch of creativity in each meal or snack to motivate them to eat nutritious foods. Make use of the internet to gather other ideas and knowledge about these foods for your picky eaters.

5 Tips to Find the Right Financial Advisor

Finding a reliable financial advisor is one thing you should take seriously. You’ll be making a serious decision that will impact your finances and your preparation for retirement. If you need a financial advisor, make sure you don’t delegate the job to someone else. You should be the one to make the decision. You should have the ability to separate the good from the great. Here are 5 tips that can help you pick the right financial advisor:

  1. Be objective when choosing

You’ll initially have a couple of people in mind. Look for weaknesses and take these people off your list. You have to focus on what really matters – a person’s qualifications. Personality may be a factor to consider, but shouldn’t be the focus. Also, don’t rely on sales skills alone. You want someone who has extensive experience.

  1. Collect data and compare them

Get info from several professionals and compare them. You need to check their credentials such as their experience and education. Ethics also matters. Check on a person’s criminal record, registration, and licensing. Of course, you want to know their track record and the services they offer.

Tips for Choosing a Financial Advisor |

Tips for Choosing a Financial Advisor |

  1. Check for advisors online

Use the Internet to get more information. Don’t just limit yourself to the advisor’s site. You can check Google and look at several search results. It’s also advisable to find third-party content. Compliance records may also be seen online so be sure to check it out.

  1. Meet them in person

You need to have control during the interview. Before the interview, prepare questions that you’re going to ask to all the advisors. Limit the time you spend on the interview. You can also do it at the person’s office so you can check their staff as well as their work environment.

  1. Double check references

You can expect advisors to give you references that will only say great things about them. To make the most out of these references, ask all of them the same questions. Also, you can ask questions that can catch the person off guard. Bear in mind that a reference is nothing compared to the advisor’s track record, so don’t fall for comments that seem exaggerated.

The Chicago Financial Planner

The Chicago Financial Planner

Choosing a financial advisor is never easy. Your chosen advisor will influence or even control all your future investment decisions. These decisions will have an effect on your financial security most especially during the time you retire. So when you need a financial advisor, don’t be in a hurry. Not everyone out there is a good catch. You have to take your time and end up with the right one. Your choice can make or break your future and your retirement. So get to know advisors first and obtain as much information as you can before you make your final judgment.